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Dell 4700 Memory Upgrade


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I am interested in increasing the memory in my Dell 4700, which is currently 512 PC2 3200 DDR2 400 and my chipset is the P4 Prescott 530 3GHz with HT. I would like to increase to 1G, or perhaps 1.5G. Caution: I know enuf to be dangerous.


I have found that there is a series listed as compatible with Dell which sells for twice as much listed with Model# CMSS512MB-533 vs. Value Select Model #VS512MB533D2. Can I use the Value Select Series vs. the series listed as compatible?


A general question: My computer came with 400Mhz, but is also compatible with 533Mz. It sounds like 533 Mhz is faster, which is important to me. Is it??? If that is the case, should I remove completely the 400Mz and only use 533Mhz (sounds logical, but I am learning). ALSO, is there any gain by going from 1GB of total memory to 2GB and if so, are 2 1GB sticks better than 4 512MB. (Told you I was an idiot with this stuff.)


ALSO regarding Cas Latency: It was suggested to me by an associate that knows much more than I that I should try to use memory with a rating of 3 vs. 4. Your Value Series (the CMS compatible with Dell doesnt seem to list the Cas Latency) is rated as 4. How important is this really (I do day trading and speed is very important) and if it is, can you suggest which of your products would be rated less than 4....I cant seem to find any listed with a 3 rating.


TIA for your help here. If you need additional info about my system or its uses, please let me know.

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest you use our System Select modules with any OEM system.


The VS1GSDS533D2 and CMSS1GB-533SOD modules are functionally the same. CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems. As such, we often do not have the capability to use low cost material.

I expect that the VS part will work correctly in your system. And, of course, Corsair's lifetime warranty is in full effect if it does not. Our confidence of first pass success is highest, however, with CMSS parts.

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