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2 questions CMX512-3200c2


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okay i bought two of ^^^those sticks from best buy and okay i dont know anything at first so i put them in as dual channel and it works fine. but as i start to learn about it i realize they are running a 3-3-3-8 timings which are not what they should be running :evil: .... and okay easy fix right... WRONG!!! i go into bios to fix the timing and i changed it just to 3-3-3-7 and BAM one of my sticks is DEAD:[pouts: so i reset and run my system with one stick at the crappy timings mentioned above ^^ and it works normally... i tried the bad stick in every slot on my motherboard and had a memory error on all.. tried the good stick and had a clean boot but now im very confused on why the timings are like that and why one stick went bad:confused:
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