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TwinX 4000Pro with MSI 875P Neo FISR timings?


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I have been getting random Stop errors (blue screens) countless times per day. Sometimes the computer will work for a while, and whether surfing the net or playing games, I'll get a BSOD. Mostly these are always different.


I have tried tonnes of troubleshooting on hardware and software and BIOS settings, but am getting nowhere. And I've been living with this for about a year now! :eek:


Can someone please tell me the timings I should use and any other settings for the memory (XMS TwinX 4000Pro) on my MSI 875P Neo-FISR mainboard: Link to mainboard.


My CPU is a P4 3.2 GHz - not overclocked. The BIOS settings are at default values of DDR 400 MHz and the RAM timings are set on Auto, and they are 3-4-4-7.


Please help, I can't stand these BSODs anymore! :[pouts:

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