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Compatability Abit & corsair CMX and TwinX


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Motherboard - Abit IS7-E

Memory - 1 stick of CMX512 3200C2

2 stick of TwinX512 (2x256) 3200C2

total of 1gb ram. [corsair]


I have just, about 5 minutes ago realised that my memory is different. one is CMX and the other is TwinX.


I also have an x800 and have been pissed off becuase it is definately underperforming...ie dipping down to 40fps in some places when playing counterstrike 1.6.


I am presuming it is a compatability problem, or a bottlenecking problem and i am trying to find the source...Could this difference in memory have anything to do with getting any underperformance in my computer?

Im thinking my motherboard is prettying **** anyway so there may be some bottlenecking happening there, but do the two types of corsair memory work well or bad with each other?


I looked at the recomended memory for the Abit IS7-E and it recomended the TwinX ram, so 2 sticks of 256 or 2 sticks of 512, and mentioned nothing of CMX ram.


anyone got any ideas? :P


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  • Corsair Employees

You should not mix memory like that. It would be best to use 2 512 Meg modules or 2-256 Meg sticks. And all of the modules would need to be the same part# and revision with this platform for best performance.

Can you tell me our modules part# and revision of all of your modules? (How To Read the Memory Label)! And the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory?

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