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4x512DDR2 PC4200 on ASUS p5nd2-sli ---UNSTABLE----


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Ok guys,


with my system spect given, It seem there is a prblem with these ddr2's on this board. system would hangs very often, simply running any softwares for about 10mins or sometime loads 3or more apps it just hangs also. not only that, i can't dial-up or watch tv with my pci-tv card installed, every time dial-up or simply run the these softwares system would hangs. No respond from keyboard or mouse, force to muanualy reset. This is new build system for video/graphic/ani purpose. I could get any job done yet due do its unstability.


Now, i talked to my mobo guy and he suggested me get the right ram recom by mobo manual and its will fix this error. He said CORSAIR was not tested and suggested on this board. He's asking me replace a new of ram suggested by mobo or talk to corsair to have this ram config under bios for this spicific board. I don't know if this how they call it, but durring boot up timing of this 4x512PC4200 was recorded as 4-4-4-12 1TM something similar, i cant remember the exact.. COULD SOME ONE help me reconfig this ram that would run best on this board? or sould i call up the CORSAIR directly for help?


thanks guys

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Ok, all i can see on the sticker are; Value Select VS512MB533D2, 869-0509010-1-0225553


my system is running at stock/default setup, no overclocking or such, i'm a beginner user, first time building a system.


Please let me know if there is anything else you need.


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Hiya Greenmark,


Can you please confirm the version of the BIOS installed?


I had the same problem myself until I upgraded initially my nForce4 chipset drivers to version 7.13 from the nVidia site and then upgraded the motherboard BIOS to version 0802.


This seemed to have sorted out most of the system hanging and freezing problems - I still get them every so often but not nearly as many times as I did before.


It should be noted that the memory that I originally installed TWIN2X1024-5400 (2x512MB Dual) also reported many problems using the memory testing software. In the end I brought some new TWIN2X2048-6400 memory and manually changed the timmings from the BIOS and these have reported no memory problems.


If the problem persists after upgrading the chipset drivers and BIOS and the memory testing utility is still reporting errors then send the memory back to the retailer you got them from for replacement.

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well, i did actually upgrade all drivers as suggested by asus tech-guy that i talked to. so year, driver 7.13 upgraded and bios 0802 flashed.


I got the system up for over 4months already, and it has always posting errors and i've been contacting asus ever since, they troubleshoots me on every step they could, and here I am, with their last hope is to change the setting bios on particular sets of ram. But i'm still waiting for some1 or RAM-GUY for answer. (asus has bad tech support, takes them aweek to 2wks for a respond or sometime they totally ignored. Wrote them million of times and after 4months i'm still stuck here.


Hey DB, you were saying that you change the RAM timmings, did they help you with it or you figure it out yourself. Are the timmings differs or the same as manufacture suggested? Mine are set at default or rather AUTO, so basically i didn't do anything to it.



Advanced - Voltage Control ->DRAM Voltage <<< is the the option to change the RAM voltage, i'm unsure, if so I would like to try and set it to 2.1v as suggested earlier, see if that will do the trick.

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You are going to need to find out your Memory timings, this can be found by finding your memory the Product page on the Corsair main page,


After that You'll need to enter your bios, and under advanced > chipset configuration > Memory Timings, change all the timings from auto to manual, then adjusts each one to the the timings from the corsair website.


After this save your changes and see if that stablises your system, if not change your memory voltage, to do this your going to need to change your overclock settings from auto to manual, then under voltage, change your DRAM voltage upto 2.1 - nothing higher.


Basically, If your memory is currently reporting errors then they should be returned to the retaler as faulty and warranty.

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According to CPU-Z readings, corsair timmings are 4-4-4-12 @ 266mhz OR 3-3-3-9 @ 200mhz, mine is set at AUTO runing at 4-4-4-12 and 3:2ratio


For DRAM voltage, at which volt is safe to run since you stated that 2.1v max, lowest on my system is 1.85?



There is nothing i can find on corsair website for addition timmings.

anyway, i guess i have to RMA it, i bought it over 4months ago and i can't return it to retail-store, since they only carry 30days policy.


Thank you so much for you time and your help.

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