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El pasado 13 09 2005 adquiri un kit 1GB Memory Module Kit (two 512MB Modules) de memoria ram DDR2 modelo VS512MB533D2, y al momento de instalarla mi equipo no arranco, se quito uno de los modulos y funciono solamente con 512MB. Mi pregunta es

¿soy sujeto de garantia?, lo adquiri a traves ebay.com a un distribuidor de sus productos, resido en Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico. Yo pagaria el envio y retorno de la garantia de la memoria. Saludos


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Loosely translated:

Hello On 09/13/2005 I acquired a 1GB Memory Module Kit (two 512MB Modules) of ram memory DDR2 model VS512MB533D2, and at the time of installing it my equipment I do not take, exempt one of the modules and only work with 512MB. My question is I am subject of guarantee, I acquired to traves ebay.com to a distributor of its products, I reside in Forecastle, Coahuila Mexico. Pagaria I envio and return of guarantee of the memory. Greetings


francisconv01, do you have the receipt (proof of purchase) from the company? Does the company have a website?

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He said he installed the memory, but his system would only boot with ONE module at a time, leading me to believe that his settings are either incorrect or one of the modules is failing.


francisconv01, prueba con Memtest86+ un módulo a la vez.


¿Cuáles son sus ajustes de BIOS? ¿tipo del procesador?





p.s. The thread title is "Damaged Kit".

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