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my corsair memory stopped working...


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Hello all,


I've always had 256mb of Corsair XMS2700 in my computer since the day I built it four years ago. It's always worked perfectly. Then, about a year ago, I installed an additional 512mb of Corsair XMS2700 Platinum. It ALSO worked perfectly. That is... until about the time I reinstalled Windows XP.


I'm not sure exactly when it stopped working, because I don't really check often. All I know is that my computer seemed slower when I reinstalled Windows XP about a week ago, and when I checked "System" in the the Control Panel, it only showed 256mb. I figured that would only be possible if the second stick (512mb) wasn't working. So I took it out and the PC runs the same. I put it back in (maybe it was loose or something) but it is still not recognized.


I then put it into another computer that can take PC2700 RAM to see if it would recognize it... NOPE. It seemed that somewhere before or during installation, (probably before) it just stopped working.


And yes... It DID work when I first installed it, and it could only have stopped within the past month or so because I checked it during the summer.


Should I send it in for replacement? :confused:


~ Bobby

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Let's get them both replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


Are you saying I should send both sticks in because perhaps whatever damaged the 512mb stick might have also damaged the working 256mb stick in some way?

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Many MB's will not take kindly to mismatched memory and both modules should be the same revision. However, since the modules you have are not the same part# it may not matter, but as rule of thumb I would get them both replaced so they would be a closer match.
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