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TWINX1024-3200C2 - Strange things...


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First some informations, memory is rev5.2 with Promos chips.

Memory runned very well, at 200MHz 2_3_2_5 1T DC;):

And now the strange thing: Currently I'm running at 236MHz with 2.5_3_3_7 1T DC @2.65V(memtest86 stable like a rock) which is very good, but if I try to raise it even 1MHz it becomes unstable and I can't do anything, I relaxed timings,tried SC, raised voltage up to 2.9V and nothing, just instability.

Now, is my mainboard (AN7, modded bios etc.)a limiting factor? I tried raising the chipset voltage too, but no effect:[pouts:

The highest freq. that can reach windows is 243MHz but that way it's extremely unstable:eek:

All advices and comments are welcome:):

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I'd say you hit the max for them.

Not a bad OC though...........:):


Yes I was actually suprised how far did I get with Promos IC:):

This "no can do" with tighter timings, voltage etc. made me wander, I thought I've seen it all:D:

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