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Problems with VS2GBKIT533D2 and a BOXD945PSNLK Motherboard!


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I hope I can get some help here for this ongoing issue with oneof my customers. First the build and a little history.


Intel PentiumD 2.8 GHZ.

Intel BOXD945PSNLK Motherboard

Corsair VS VS2GBKIT533D2 memory kit.

SATA harddrive

X300se PCIE Vid Card

Dual DVD Burners.


This system has been shutting off and randomly rebooting and at times it will not even POST.


I gave my customer a loaner while I check into the continuing problems. Already I have replaced the Case including PSU for another issue with the case.


Last night I had the machine and finally got it to boot. I have an active RMA with Intel for the Motherboard but I am not sure that the MB is at fault just yet.


Ram is running in Dual Channel, SPD and Manual settings make no difference.


I was running 2 instances of Prime(one for each processor), plus Sandra Burn-In for about 2 hours before it crashed to a reboot and wouldn't post.


Heat is not an issue, CPU hovers at 60C@load.


I removed 1 stick of RAM, restarted all of the above tests and it has been running since 10PM last night, over 12 hours now.


I plan on doing the same tests tonight with the stick I removed.


The reason why I am posting is to see if anyone here has encountered a similar problem either with the symptoms resulting in bad memory, or with Intel boards in general, or even with a dual channel compatibility problem between Intel and Corsair?


Any help would be appreciated.






EDIT - Ram a Microsoft version of MEMTEST for 97 passes with no errors while system was running in Dual Channel. On the 98th pass the system locked and wouldn't post. When the locking and no posting happens I usually have to leave it of for about 10 minutes before it will POST.

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If you have the option to set the memory voltage I would set it to 2.1 Volts and see if that helps. In addition, I would check for the latest bios and load setup/optimized defaults before you make the changes.
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Well it turns out the Memory test via Microsoft I was using isn't very good. I used the Memtest 86 in your Sig and there were numerous errors on both sticks of RAM. Filling out an RMA.


I do not have the option to adjust voltage. These Intel boards are strict I guess.

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You cannot change the memory sizing or it will cause errors, please read the readme file from the maker of memtest. Or our F.A.Q. on Memtest.

Just run the default tests with memtest, and make sure that you set the memory voltage to 2.7 Volts and test them one at a time for 2 or 3 passes.

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OK. I am going to re-run the tests tonight and see what goes.


You keep saying adjust the memory voltage but I don't see the option to do so on This board.



Also, before running MEMTEST I ran 2 instances of Prime95 and Sisoft Sandra Burn-In on each stick individually for 18 hours each with no crashes. Put them together and crash within an hour.


Re running MEMTEST just now on what I will call stick A gave me 1 error on test 3 within the first 5 mins. I will update the thread after a few passes goes by.

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