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Memory Module Fail


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My computer had been doing weird crashes of late. Then a few days ago, it full crashed and will not start back up. After alot of problem solving, I have come down to the RAM.


I have a Twin Pair of Corsair XMS 256 3200LL Modules. 1 of the modules will not run at all, I have tested it in two computers. when the broken module is inserted, the computers act just like there is no ram in the slot at all. Just a nice black screen and the monitor doesnt even turn on. Which is why at first I thought it could have been the monitor/graphics card. But I have tested both and they are both fine.


So I think this is a RMA situation and I hope that I can get my modules exchanged :). Since it is a TwinX pair, would I have to RMA both? 1 module works fine by itself, just the other doesnt.



Thanks for your time.



XMS3200 256MB 400mhz

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Ok, I submited the online RMA form.


I just wanna check if there will be a issue with me being in Australia now? Can you guys post to here? My inlaws are living in the states and I guess I could get them to post them to me. But it would be just easier if you guys do post internationaly?

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No problem, but I would suggest you check with your reseller as many off shore resellers will help with warranty for the first year. However, if they will not help yes we will ship or replace our modules just about any where on this planet.
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