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RMA Please

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OK, I have two modules of 512 pc3200 corsair memory, they are both different rev's bought at different times.

Around this time last year I was in the process of RMA'ing them to you and couldent complete it due to stuff going on in my life.

Now I wish to complete the RMA, i'm sure they are faulty, but cant remember the reason why. It seems the posts I made last year have disappeared from this forum.

They would of either been made under Darkside_1 or Digitalmaster and the posts are not there?

If I give you the module numbers of the Ram modules would u be able to check on your database and see the RMA history of them? that would help.


#1: CMX256A - 3200C2 XMS3202v1.2 0322006 and there is a white sticker on it that sais warranty void if removed. Although hard to read it has a barcode and a number on SCIL-513984915


#2:CMX256A - 3200C2 XMS3202v2.2 0330042 This has no white sticker or anything like it? ( I seem to vagely remember getting this piece from you in another RMA and this exchanged module not working properly. This may have been the #1 stick tho.)


Appreciate all the help :D:

Bill :cool:

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I have already seen this post and although related, it is not the post in question.


I found out eventually it was the RAM and purchased a XXXX dual channel set which I am still using alongside my radeon 9700, which I havent had one problem with since. (touch wood)


I would like to send these two modules back to you to either be repaired or replaced so I can add them to my current pc or a new build, or sell them.

They have been sitting on a shelf for a year now :\


I'm confident from memory that atleast one of the modules is faulty and likely both of them, and would like to send them both to get replaced for simplicities sake, as the only way I resolved this problem last year was by buying more ram as i'm useless at troubleshooting :P


*Edit* I also dont have the resources to test RAM modules now as I only have one pc, and its not getting torn up to put some modules in that I know atleast one of is faulty.. (I have a Thermaltake Xaser case, changing the RAM means taking out the motherboard / means disconnecting all the power / data cables / agp / pci cards / means alot of faffing about.)

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Cool. Thanks for the quick response RAM GUY.


Do I have to place an individual RMA for each stick of ram.

The online form wont allow enough space for me to add both sticks under the 'Module Part Number' field.

Should I just add the second stick of ram to the 'Brief Description of Problem' field. Or could I shorten the module names that im using, which are; as in my first post:

CMX256A - 3200C2 XMS3202v1.2 0322006

CMX256A - 3200C2 XMS3202v2.2 0330042


Thanks for the help



P.S. I'm wondering if I download the excell form i'll be able to fit it all in as the fields can largened? :D

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