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Help with corsair compatability!


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Currently running DFI K8M800-MLVF motherboard.

Ran fine with 1x512MB Corsair CMX512 PC3200LLPT v1.1


Just bought another 512 MB stick (Corsair Value select pc3200 cas3)


Now, each work fine independently, and on both slots. The issue is that they refuse to work together. I have the most recent (march 2005) bios for my motherboard. Is there anything that can be done? I have played with the CAS timings, but to no avail. What are my options? If I RMA/refund this stick, what would you recommend as a substitute? I would prefer cheaper alternatives as the original CMX ram was really expensive.

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You won't be able to mix the RAM.

The LL's are not made any more, so that option is out.

The only thing i could recommend is getting another stick of the Value Select.

If you can return the VS stick you have now, the best option would to get


These are 2 VS sticks that are tested to work as a pair.

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