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i am not sure how i need to go about getting my ram replaced,i hope you can help?

i have been having reboot problems with 1 of my computers and when i removed a particular stick of 512mb ,it ran fine.i tried the same stick in my other identical computer and it did the same thing.so i can therefore assume i

have found the faulty stick.

i need to know if my ram is indeed covered under a lifetime warranty and

should i RMA it through yourselves?

i have RMA'ed a pair before but this was some time ago.unfortunately i have

moved home and i really cannot find the original packaging,will this be an


any help regarding my options would be most welcome.

kind regards




ps.i have indeed been trying to contact the original seller and as yet they have been 'engaged' between the hours of 8:45am-4pm everyday!!...and no luck with emails either..customer service huh???


ITEM : corsair 1gb (2x512) ddr xms 3200 c2 pro-twinx cas 2.0 (my-026-cs)

BOUGHT : 07/07/04

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