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I have

CMX512-3200pt XMS3200v6.1




I can't even get my system to boot up using those settings of

My computer savviness died about 8years ago, but in bios I thought that meant.


tCL 3

tRCD 3

tRP 3

tRAS 8


As I said it won't boot up at that setting, but would boot up with a setting of


tCL 2.5

tRCD 3

tRP 3

tRAS 6


Which it was what I found it set on after running memtest and finding over 4000errors over the matched pair set. So of course I tried to set it to the first setting and it wouldn't boot up and just kept making a beeping noise.


I built the computer with these parts.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester Core

BFG Nforce4 Ultra PCI express motherboard

BFG 6600GTOC 128mb pci express x16 video card

2xCorsair CMX512-3200PT


Forgot to say what sparked the memtest. My computer reboots either during the online download of or during the gameplay of EQ2. It was suggested to me to run the memtest after increasing my swap files didn't work and after i ruled out overheating.

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