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twinx1024-3200xl problems


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This ram, twinx1024-3200xl crashes in test 8 memtest 1.60 and won't finish prime 95. The system is an arock dual sata2--athlon64 3000 venice--260 htt , 2300nhz. Standard timing 2,2,2,5 1t running in dual memory mode. I have tried both sets of ram sockets, 1-2, 3-4, same results. The thing is I had twinx512-3200LL running these timings and passing all tests. The ram voltage is set to high (2.70 I think)The new ram will pass at 2t, but the efficiency goes down to 75% in sandra,and the old ram could run at 1t. I have not changed any other timings, and all bios settings are the same as they were with the old ram. What do you sugest?:sigh!:

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