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I just bought a new computer (Sony VGC-RB44G) and added the above mentioned memory that I had on hand, bringing the total RAM to 2GB. Now when I boot up I get the "Serial Presence Detect" message that has been mentioned in these forums before, and it says "DDR 333 MHz memory assumed at slowest timings." I don't understand this, as both the existing memory that came with my computer and the Corsair memory are 400 MHz PC-3200. The computer still starts up just fine, but I would rather have 1 GB of RAM running at its rated frequency than have 2 GB throttled back.


I tried booting from a CD image of MemTest86+ but the computer locks up, with a black screen and a single blinking cursor. I've double-checked my BIOS and it is set up to boot from CD (the Windows installation disc works just fine to boot from).


Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Recommended Modules for the Sony VGC-RB44G


A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product


Part # Size


CMSS512MB-400 512MB

CMSS256MB-400 256MB


There's more to compatibility than "400 MHz PC-3200". It's never recommended to mix modules from different manufacturers. The above memory should work fine with what it came with (they're designed to mix w/ OEM memory).

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Thanks for the lightning-fast reply, Wired (you can tell I'm not very computer-savvy). I'll uninstall it right away. Bummer that I'm going to have to get rid of my extra gig of memory, but it beats ruining my computer!



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Well, that's good anyway! I'm starting to think I should just leave my computer sealed shut since I obviously don't know what the heck I'm doing. :!oops:


Thanks again for your help, maybe I'll invest in 2 x CMSS512MB.

As wired said above, the Value Select is not meant to be mixed but our System Select is. Using our System Select would not be a bad idea at all and could give you that extra gig you are looking for at full speeds.
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