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Screaming Noise from PC - RAM???

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i havent bothered to run the PC RAM test. Recently, when i dont have the fan running (box fan blowing air into case), and im playing a CPU intensive game - i get very loud screeching noises coming from the computer. when the PC reboots, Windows XP is angry and says "your sys has recvrd from serious error, tell MS about this". So I send the error report in and it says "you know bud, its probably your Random Access Memory (RAM). " im like oh damn. :eek:


Can ram cause a hellish screaming coming from the PC for about 3 seconds? It happens fairly often especially if i dont have the cooler fan on. The noise is coming out of my speakers FYI.. ALSO, the ram is bloody hot to the touch if there is no circulation...



This is TWIN X 3200LLPT stuff, 2x 512mb in dual channel for a total of 1gb.

running on an ASUS P4C800 deluxe mobo, w/pent 4 (3ghzC)...and win XP w/svc pk 2 or 4.


Im fairly sure my RAM has a lifetime warranty, so does this mean I can get an RMA and a new 1GB? Or do i need to contact TwinX?


If not, its only 123$ for a new similar pair.

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There are only a few components that would make noise and the RAM isn't one of them.

Fans, HDD's, optical drives and the PSU.

RAM doe's get hot but I doubt this would produce what you're describing.

I would suspect a failing HDD or PSU.

I had a PSU fail and the sound was horrible.

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I would test the modules in another system if you suspect the modules. But from what you have posted the most likely suspect would be your PSU. And just because the voltages are O.K. does not mean that the PSU is not allowing too much noise to pass thru.
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