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Buying memory - need advice - TWINX1024-2700LL


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Hello everyone,


I currently have an NForce2 motherboard and two sticks of 512MB of Corsair TWINX1024-2700LL PC2700 DDR running in dual channel. I would like to match the two sticks of 512MB with a matching single stick of 1024MB. I would then run both 512MB sticks in channel 1 and the single 1024MB stick in channel 2 for 2GB of total system memory running in dual channel.


The problem is, I cannot find a single 1024 stick of this memory or matching memory anywhere. My question is does it exist and if so, any idea of the model #, where I can buy it and for what price?


If it does not exist, then I guess I will be sticking with what I have as I am not willing to purchase 2GB of new memory for an older Athlon XP 2700+ system and let my current memory go to waste.


I am just a Battlefield 2 addict who is tired of the virtual paging that occurs from time to time with only 1GB of memory... :sunglasse


Thanks in advance for your help!

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