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can't boot, can't tell

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I had bought these sticks about two years ago. My computer had been getting the usual memory dumps and BSOD during no special events, be it gaming, reading email or editing my DVDs. I had put up with it for a long time knowing it would a little difficult to replace the ram without spending more money. Now, my computer wouldn't boot with the Corsair XMS3200 installed, so I can't run the memTest to really test it. I've installed some older sticks of Golden Dragon ram that I had laying around(1GB) and now I'm up and running and posting here.

My setup;

Corsair CMX512-3200c2PT x2

P4 3.06

ATI 9700 pro

MB 875P Neo Model : MS-6758

Plextor PX-708a opitical

System BIOS : 63-2400-001169-00101111-040201-I875



I've not overclocked the ram, and the bio was left in auto-mode. My question is: where do I go from here?

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