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cmx512-3200c2 with cmx1024-3200c2?


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Hello friends,


I have a stick 512mb cmx512-3200c2!

i am purchasing a another stick 1024 mb cmx1024-3200c2!


Exist some incompatibility?

My stick cmx512-3200c2 run with 2.60v in default!!!Some voltage problem togheter cmx1024-3200 too?


My motherboard : Abit AN7



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I am sorry but you should not mix memory with most MB's. You cab try and set the memory freq: manually to 1-1 or 100% so its in sync with your CPU and set the timings to Cas 2.5-3-3-7 and set the Voltage to 2.8 Volts and see if that helps. And I would not run then in dual channel.
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I think that 2.8v in cmx512-3200c2 is impossible.It was tested!!!


The latency not is problem!!!The problem is the vdimm only!!!

My latency run perfect in 2-2-2-6 in a bios mod!!!


The cmx1024-3200c2 not run in bios default 2.60 voltage?



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No XMS modules are rated at 2.6 volts. They're rated at 2.75 volts or better. Since the 3200C2 modules don't have extremely tight latencies, your single module ran on 2.6 volts, but would probably fail below that.


As for running higher voltages, you'll almost always be required to increase the voltages at least some when running multiple modules. This causes more loading on the chipset!


So, to get two NON MATCHED memory modules to run together, you usually have to relax the latencies and increase the voltage. That's a fact that we all have to live with and the reason for TwinX matched sets.




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The incredible that my actually system this the following :


2x 512 =cmx512-3200c2 (Dual channel) @ FSB=410 sync with my CPU

Diferent revisions sticks

Latency=2-2-2-6 , Vdimm= 2.60v


What you think about?

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