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PC2700 or PC3200 for Opteron 242's


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I recently upgraded from a single opteron to a dual opteron system. I was able to harvest the 2x1GB ECC Registered 2700 dimms, and the system(an ASUS k8n-dl) is working but I really need to fill in with 2 more dimms (or splurge and replace the 2700 with 3200 dimms, in which case I would get 4).


My opterons are 242's. Will I have ANY boost in going with all 3200 speed dimms? These processors only operate at 1.6Mz, and the opteron's themselves are the memory conntrollers, so I suspect that 3200's would actually run at the 2700 speed. My current plan is to simply get another matched set of 2700 dimms (2x1Gb). Given the cost, I may go this route regardless, but I'd really like to know this.


Thanks much



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