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Bad Stick of CMX512-3200XLPro


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I've had this memory installed (2 x modules) for over a year now running at rated settings (2/2/2/5 ~2.6V) with no problem.

A few days ago my pc reported a hard disk error and after much investigation I found it was one of the memory modules.

By itself my PC won't even post (gets long beeps)

In dual channel it will post and load memtest, but gets errors almost straight away.

I've tried with relaxed timings and increased voltage (3/4/4/8 ~ 2.8V) however this made no difference.

On a friends PC (running at 133mhz FSB) the PC will POST but crash right after the POST screen.

Is there anything else I can try?


I live in Australia so if replacement is required I can send the sticks back to Corsair.




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