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Bad memory stick?


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I recently bought 2 512MB Corsair ValueSelect DDR-400 modules for my Compaq R4000 notebook. For the first couple of weeks they both ran fine. My notebook then started crashing randomly with a bunch of kernel errors and then rebooted XP. I ran memtest, which produced a bunch of memory errors. I took out the bad stick of RAM and my notebook has been running great. I re-ran memtest and passed. I have not made any hardware changes or changed any BIOS setting. A couple of weeks later I put the bad stick of RAM in to test again. This time with the bad stick in, my notebook will not even boot. It just beeps twice and does nothing. If anybody has any ideas please let me know, however I do believe this is a bad stick. I know the solution is not re-seating the RAM, I have installed many RAM modules and know this is not the problem. I think I may need to return this bad stick to Corsair, as the retailer I bought it from only has a 30 day warranty. Thanks.
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