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HELP - P4P800 & TWINX1024-4400C25 Problem


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2 Month ago I decided to replace my 512MB XXXX Golden Dragon Ultra Dual Channel Kit ( PC3200 ) by an 1GB kit. After trying different vendor kits which all caused trouble in terms of oc performance I followed the Corsair recommendation for the Asus P4P800 mainboard and bought the TWINX-4400C25 memory.


My Intel Pentium 4 2.4c based system worked perfectly with Golden Dragon Ultra RAM while using the following settings:


FSB 275 MHz

VCore Auto

AGP/PCI frequency fixed on 66/33

AGP VDDQ voltage 1,5V


Performance Mode Auto

Memdiv 5:4

memory timings derived from SPD

USB Legacy support off



After replacing the XXXX RAM with the Corsair I started to oc my system corresponding to the Corsair labs performance report #5047 section default speed and timings advertised.


Here my problem begins. As soon as I set the memory divider to 1:1 the system is able to boot but freezes while running memtest or XP. Memtest finds no errors as long it is able to run. If I lower the memory divider to 5:4 memtest runs forever without any problems as well as XP.


What my cause my system to hang while setting the memory divider to 1:1? What am I missing?


Please help my RAM Guy!!!

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First thing make sure that you have the latest beta bios for you MB and then load setup defaults and start with the CPU Frequency at about 250 Mhz and work your way up from there. But with this MB and or chipset when we tested many different MB's they all topped out about 260-270 Mhz when running the memory 1-1. In addition, I would add extra colling to the chipset if you have not done so as well.
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Thx for your prompt reply :):


My BIOS version is the lastest released 1021.006 .

I checked the North Bridge temp which is still cooled by the Asus default cooler and its temp feels really low. I don´t know if this is caused by the fact that the NB is not really stressed@FSB275 or the NB surface contact to the cooler is poor. Do you think that replacing the standard NB cooler with another cooler ( e.g. Zalman ZM-NB47J ) would be really an improvement in terms of higher FSB settings?


Beside as you recommended I tried different FSB settings and I successfully runned memtest+ v1.65 @ FSB270 with memdiv 1:1 while the CPU is running at its default Vcore voltage.

If speeding up FSB is not an option anymore I would like to do further improvement tests on manual SPD settings as they are still derived automatically. Can you tell me the correct & complete SPD settings for my MB?


Thx in advance 4 your reply !

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