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Corsair TWINX2048-3200PRO w/ A8N-SLI


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hey ya'll,


I just got a brand new motherboard and video card and whatnot, and I'm having some issues with it......


My current rig:


AMD 3500+ 939 socket newcastle

Asus A8N-SLI motherboard

Corsair TWINX2048-3200PRO

Western Digital 160gb IDE hard drive


500 Aspire PSU


What'll happen is it'll get to the post screen and everything just fine, but when it gets ready to start windows is when it freaks out. It'll either give me a quick blue screen of death or just completely restart at this point. I tried reformatting in case something screwed up in the process, and still no go. I called up Asus and asked them, and they said that there is a 90% chance that it is the memory. :-/ The only reason I would agree with this is because I had a similar problem on my old motherboard, an abit av8. The only way I got it working on there was setting the speeds down to ddr333, which I wasnt too fond of. I tried doing that on this one and it still doesnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions? :) Thanks



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well......another update....its times like these that I think God hates me. I got up this morning and figured since it didnt fail memtest, I would try installing windows, and everything started working -_-. but as for what was happening, they are in slots 3 and 4. It would happen b4 and after I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows. I have no idea what is up.......I think my computer is haunted :eek:
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