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Problème with a Corsair 512 Mo DDR-SDRAM PC3200 CMX Cas-2


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I you contact because I have a problem with a bar memory to corsair bought in 2004 at LDLC in Lyon (it acts of this product: http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00014757.html.


For a few months I had had blue screen more and more (I am under XP Pro SP1), I also passed from 1Go (2x the same bar), has 1,5go by buying this product:




One advised me to make a test with Memtest to see whether my screens blue coming from XP or my RAM And during the test here results:


bar n°1 (bond LDLC) = the PC stops after a few minutes (a 1ëne)

bar n°2 (bond LDLC) = I am has 2 pass and 0 error

bar n°3 (bond materiel.net) = 3 pass without error!


test of the 3 bars at the same time = 1 error which I took in photograph here:



LDLC said to me that it guaranteed only 1 year and as that made 1 year 1/2 I must see with you! What do I have to make?


thank you!


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