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Compaq Presario 5838 will not work with CMSS128MB-100


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I purchased two sticks of Corair system select CMSS128MB-100 to upgrade this computor to its max of 384MB. I used the Corsair Memory Configurator and it recommeded to use this PN. The motherboard has three slots one with the orgininal 128MB stick and two blanks.

I filled up the two avilable slots with the new Corair sticks and when booted the only thing I get is the Compaq logo on my monitor screen)


Things I have trIed.


Adding just one new stick with original stick. (Same result)

Replaced original stick with one of the new sticks. (Same result)

Tried both new sticks one at a time in original slot. (Same result)

Tried both new sticks in the first two slots. (Same result)

Each time I used ESD procedures and made sure the DIMMs were locked in place.


Can anybody hele me?

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