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Single Sided okay with Double Sided?

Bob in NH

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Hello Folks,


I recently purchased some Value Select memory. The memory being

VS1GBKIT533D2. This particular memory is double sided. The memory that was already in place is Samsung 1GBKIT533D2, but is single sided. All the modules are PC4200, just to clear up that none are PC4300, which also can be 533MHz.

Anyway my question is, are they okay to run together? I have run MEMTEST and found there to be no errors, and the machine seems to be operating perfectly. I purchased the Value Select in an effort to save some bucks, although the configurator did recommend the CMS. This is a 925XE MB running on the 640 and using a Pentium 4, 3.2.


Thanks for any info. you guys may have.



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