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memory problem


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Ive been having the same problems with crashing an messages related to memory when i try to install or run some programs.


Ive been reading up on this trying to get it to work but no luck yet:thinking: i found this today.


PAY ATTENTION - YOU CANNOT PUT MORE THAN ONE - 1 - UNO - sticks of RAM in this board before windows is completely installed! i repeat, put only one stick in the first slot when you build your system,update BIOS install your OS and get it set up, THEN install your other ram.. it will run more than one stick, just not until windows is installed. ALSO you must enter post and hard set your RAM timing I.E. 3-3-3-8 leave the other numbers on AUTO and set your ram voltage to 1.9V UNLESS your RAM maker says otherwise. if you dont, you will have an unstable system!


An this-----


Before you do anything get the updated bios, drivers, utilities...it will save you hours of blue screens and hassles! After the few hours trying to get all the programs and drivers to work together peacefully...this is a really nice Mobo! And take note of the guy that said only 1 Stick of RAM to load OS...

Might have to format again:bomb:

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I tested the ram with your settings 1 stick at a time 6 passers each no errors as was the case with 2 sticks installed 6 passers no errors at Cas 4-4-4-12 at 1.9 Volts ram 533mhz fsb 800mhz ex clock 200mhz.


But im still having sum problems with messages related to memory when i try to install or run some programs,But it hasent crashed or just restarted.


Im going to try the format.:mad:

An reinstall os an programs with 1 stick installed

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