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RMA request for VS512SDS266


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I would like to request an RMA for an VS512SDS266 memory module, which I purchased on August 22, 2005.


It is installed as the sole memory module in an HP Pavilion ZE5270 laptop computer. It worked flawlessly from the day it arrived, but yesterday I started experiencing data corruption and severe system instability.


I installed and ran Memtest86+ 1.60, and within seconds it started logging numerous errors -- over 2,000 errors in the first 60 seconds. I can provide details on the exact errors if necessary.


When I remove the Corsair 512MiB module and revert to the original 256MiB module that came with the system, the system instability instantly goes away, and Memtest86+ is able to run for many hours without logging any errors.


Please let me know what I need to do to get this module replaced.

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