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AMD x2 & XMS3200XL


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I just popped a new AMD x2 4400+ into my machine. Right away I ran memtest86+ 1.65 to make sure things would be stable. About half-way through the test, I got 800+ errors. I have 2x 3200XL's in my machine and on my old AMD 3500+ (winchester) they ran error free at the absolute tighest timings I could set them on.


I want to know that the optimum stable timings on these mmodules are for an AMD x2 CPU. My mainboard is an Asus A8N SLi Deluxe (bios rev. 1013). Please list them in the following order so I won't get confused.


CAS# latency

Min RAS# active time

RAS# to CAS# delay

Row precharge Time

Row cycle time

Row refresh cyc time

Read-to-Write time

Write Recovery time

1T/2T Memory timing


I used to run these at the absolute lowest numbers on my old CPU just fine. (i don't overclock and i ran them at 1.65v) Can someone confirm that it's the upgrade to the new CPU that warrents timing adjustments and not a module going bad all of a sudden? Or should I be able to run with the tighest timings still and something else is the problem? Thanks in advance. :D:

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