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Need help with Intel D945PSN Motherboard


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Hey Ram Guy,


I need memory for my new motherboard, I am in the air on either Crucial's Ballistix, or a similar Corsair Model. I was hoping to get 1GB Models, rather than (2) 512MB's. I am looking for performance vs. price. I do some video editing, capturing, photoshopping, and some high end games. I will have a 7800GToc Nvidia Card for the games, but also looking to make sure my memory is up for the challenge. That's were the timings come into play and I would like to know if it's that big of a difference, I don't plan to O.C. the modules. I saw an article online somewhere mentioning that the timings no matter what brands were used don't really do much for performance. Either way, I would like for assessment of things and possible price points for what you can recommend. Thanks a billion.



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