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Two dead Corsair Flash Voyagers


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First of all, excuse my poor English. I am writing from Brazil.


I bought a Corsair Flash Voyager 128 MB a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine for the fist few days. Then all of a sudden it stopped being recognized by my computer and others I tested it on.


I contacted my supplier, who told me that the warranty was through Corsair directly, and that there was nothing they could do for me.


I thought it would be too much trouble to send the device back to Corsair, so I decided to purchase a new Voyager, same capacity, from the same reseller.


To my surprise, the same thing happened with the new device: worked fine for the first couple of days and then died on me. Both device's LEDs don't even blink, and aren't even detected by my Windows XP OS. I've tested the Voyagers on other computers as well, anf got the same behaviours.


Since my supplier won't exchange the parts, I was wondering how I could solve my problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


My Voyagers packaging contains the following numbers:



(bar code)

8 70584 004256 4



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