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I have 2 corsair pc-2100 with the code CM72sd512RLP-2100/W . I also have 3 identical HP xw8000 workstations with each one having 4-512MB ram chips for a total of 2gigs each. Each pair of Ram chips must be identical in each workstation. We recently had one system blue screening quite frequently and ran memtest86 version 3.2. That test came up with over 200,000 error for our memory. After swapping out the 2 corsair chips above the system was fine and test showed no errors. We placed the 2 corsair chips in the system we took them out of and ran the test and sure enough we had hundred of thousands of errors. We originally purchased them from Fry’s in Burbank California, but they said they only had a 15 day policy for returns. After reading your website you back your memory with a lifetime warranty. What do I need to do now?





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