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Issues with running a system with 2x (TWINX1024-3200XLPRO 1gb matched pairs?)


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Hi Guys,


Christmas time last year I bought a new computer and part of the purchase was for Corsair Twinxl matched pair of 512mb ddr chips. I am looking at getting some extra ram and having a quick read around on this forum it has been said that running 2 pairs of these matched dimm sets can cause issues.


WHile at a push I can purchase a matched pair of 1gb dimms I am loathe too but in the effort of stability I dont want to make a mistake by buying another matched pair only to have a lot of problems, can you advise me please.


Thanks in advance



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  • Corsair Employees

Can you tell me the make and model of MB?

And I would not suggest running 4 modules with any MB, as it is some times hit and miss. It would be best to use one Twinx2048-3500LLPro and find another use for the modules you have now!

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The new motherboard is going to be a MSI K8N SLi Platinum NF4, and after reading around in these forums and others the general consensus is to stick with a max of 2 ddr stick in an athlon system, so looks like I will be shopping for some 1gb ddr sticks.


Thanks for your help

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