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New Corsair with view to upgrade mobo


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My old PC2700 is faulty and I did a search for compatible memory types on the Corsair website and got the following results for my IBM A30-8191:


  • CMSS512MB-266 = 512MB
  • CMSS256MB-266 = 256MB


This is all fine and true except I wish to upgrade my motherboard soon and wish to take my new RAM into the new mobo.


I am considering buying CMX512-3200XL matched memory pair. Although I know that my PC will not support dual channel, will this RAM still work on my system? I know that the architecture is the same for PC3200, PC2700, PC4000, etc. hence the backward compatibility.


Specs of my system are as follows


See: http://kaanza.com/shopping/productdetail.asp?productid=5817


My next question is that, is this good for overclocking (once I get a new mobo)? Is there anything else I should consider?






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First thing you need to look at is the bios can you set voltages for the ram ? XL ram loves 2.7 volts and even 2.8 volts to run properly. Normally all PC3200 ram is downwards compatible but you are talking IBM here mate. Replacing the motherboard in that rig is a no go I think, you probably will need a new case, PSU and cooling solution.Plus the vidcard is an onboard solution.


The XL ram is very fast even at stock settings, and OC's pretty well ( I hit a brick wall at 217MHz then I need to lower the timings to go higher mine reaches 240Mhz so I am pretty pleased with that )


Maybe it's time to replace all the above and just recover the CPU, Optical drives etc,....

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