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VS512MB400 problem


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I have a similar problem. I have four (4) 512 MB VS512MB400 memory chips. For about a month since I got my computer, the computer would blue-screen every couple of days.


By the method of deduction I was able to confirm for sure that it was bad memory. I used memtest and Windows Memory Diagnostic utilities to check for RAM errors eventualy and sure enough, errors would still show up on the RAM tests.


Eventually I swapped the RAM chips one by one every week and waited to see when the computer freezes. I think I have found out which memory stick causes the problem now by the process of elimination. For almost 2 weeks now, the OS hasn't crashed even once and I believe I know which RAM module has caused this problem.


I want to get this RAM chip replaced. However, I do not have the warranty information for the RAM chips (the person I bought it from does not have it either). How should I go about this process of replacing my RAM chip with Corsair given the fact that the RAMs come with a lifetime warranty.


I would appreciate all help in this matter.



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