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memory modules mixing/matching


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i'm planning an upgrade from my current a7n8x deluxe with athlonxp 2500 (@2100mhz) to ASUS A8N-E with athlon64 3000+ (or maybe x2 3800+).

the issue - i want to use the memory from my current system - 2*512MB cmx-3500c2pt (still decent and expensive when purchased, work great in dual channel even though i boutght two separate sticks), but i'm also thinking about adding extra 2*512 for total of 2gigs.

the problem - no way to get 3500c2pt any more.

the question - will the old memory work nicely with other decent memory (eg. TWINX1024-3200XL) - @200mhz+ and cas2 dual channel - or should i rather forget about mixing.

any ideas?

obviously i'd rather avoid rma'ing

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Welcome to the forums, lucyfek!


With an Athlon 64 system, you should forget about mixing and matching your modules... most of the older cores will default to DDR333 speeds and many of the chips just won't run unless all of the modules are exactly the same.


Also, with four modules you'd definately be pushed to a 2T command rate and probably have to relax the latencies (which is one of the reasons to buy high-performance DIMMs).


You might find that you don't require 2GB of memory in which case your modules will continue to work just fine.


If you do feel you need more, I can only really suggest that you buy a 2 x 1GB TwinX set for the best compatibility and performance.


There's the TwinX2048-3200C2's and the recently released TwinX2048-3500LL's which are hitting shelves as we type!




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