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Cannot boot flash voyager 1 gig drive and other probs


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I have tried several times to make my FlashVoyager 1GB usb key a bootable drive. My motherboard supports this, and I can boot my [competitor's brand] 128 mb USB flash drive just fine. The Corsair drive doesn't even show up in the list of bootable drives at startup when I go into the boot options after the system posts. The competitor's brand drive always shows up when I open the same menu. What gives? I have a MSI NEO2 Platinum motherboard with the most up to date BIOS (downloaded yesterday) with 512 MB ram and an Athlon64 3500+ CPU, WinXP SP2.



Also, many times when I plug in the voyager, I get the windows error that I have a high speed USB device plugged into a non-high speed USB port (I don't have any 1.1 USB ports).


I also get CRC errors here too, when I back up my data at work and go to restore it on my home computer, it often hangs on the same file each time during restoring, the blue light stays constantly lit, then I get a CRC error, file cannot be copied. It does the same thing on my 3 computers at home, no matter which I try to restore to. It seems to backup just fine though, with no errors.

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