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Trouble with TwinX Platinum Kit


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I have had poor luck with the TwinX kits lately..


Having problems with TwinX CMX512-3200C2PT


Have an Asus A7N8X-VM/400 board.


Running Athlon XP+ with Proc. and Mem. at 333FSB. When I run Prime95 Torture test, it immediately fails with a memory error. This is with the Corsair TwinX CMX512-3200C2PT kit (PC3200 CL2).


In addition lots of random problems when loading programs: Strange errors with Windows Update failing, downloads are corrupted after completing, etc.


Swapped out with Corsair Value Select 1GB kit (Also DDR 400) and everything magically works fine, no errors with Prime95 or any other problem.


Looks bad to me. Any thoughts?


Thanks, Wes

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There are no BIOS configurable options for memory on this board, as it is not an enthusiast board.


If you use a Proc. with 400 FSB, it automatically detects it and runs it at 400 FSB. Memory still runs at 333 even with proc at 400 FSB. (not very cool, eh?)


Anyway, I am running a 333 Proc, so RAM is at 333, no other settings to configure.

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