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Twinx CMX 512-2700LLPT x 2 sticks-Failure


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I have a set of the "Corsair Platinum Series (XMS)" Twinx CMX512-2700LLPT Ram. Other #'s on ram: "XMS2705v1.2 0312743" Let me know if more information is needed. To start-Ram is about 2 1/2 yrs old. Anyway, I was getting random shutdowns on my cpu. Power would just completely shutdown. It all started when I added a new HD. I figured it was time for a new PSU so I got one (and a new heatsink..) Still getting occassional shutdowns. Had put the heatsink on wierd, and moved it around, knowing that the thermal pad got messed up, so I bought some Artic Silver 5 and slapped that on. Comp turns on, but getting cpu error. Reapply Artic-all is fine. Comp. boots. I say yay. Unfortunately I had reset CMOS, so i decided to go in and change my settings. The default had the cpu @ 1.1ghz-Should be much higher. upped it to about 1.3ghz just to see whats up. No boot. Memory errors. I did everything, changed slots, took everything out, still memory errors, the cpu would NOT post! I borrowed a stick of my friends ram- bam! Comp. fires right up. My sticks have failed. RMA please? Thank you so much!

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