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And many of the same parts.


I've had this problem for months and months and I've had to run my cpu at 166Mhz to keep it stable. That relegates my 3200+ to a 2500+ and my ram to PC2700. Sucks. I spent hours on the phone with a Ram Guy and they never figured it out.


Here are my parts:

Asus a7n8x Deluxe

2x 512MB Corsair Value Select PC3200 (VS512MB400)

BFG GeForce 6600GT

WD Raptor 35GB


Ultra XConnect 400 watts


When I run the machine at 200Mhz, the screen blacks in and out and everything is clunky and weird... then I get a BSOD with the following message:


and it occasionally mentions nvarm.sys or nv4_disp.



Please, I'm desperate to get this taken care of.

I have Minidump files, would those be helpful?

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Do you have a 400 or 333 Mhz FSB CPU? Bartons came in both versions.


Those files you mentioned are video drivers. Tried reloading them? Also, have you tried updating your motherboard to the latest BIOS?


Also, set your DDR Voltage to 2.7 or so and test one stick at a time using memtest+.

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Thanks for the speedy response.

The CPU os a 400Mhz Barton.


I updated the video card drivers this evening to the latest version (7.8.01) and the problems remains. I also tested with the voltage set to 2.7 and 2.8 and there was no difference.


I seem to remember running memtest on these sticks in the past, but I will shut down now and try again. Each stick individually at 2.7 volts.


I'll post back after it runs a few cycles.


Oh, and my motherboard BIOS is recent, but I'm not sure it's the most recent. I'll find that out as well. Thanks again.

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Any advice?


I've verified that the ram sticks are fine by running them each through several passes in Memtest. The machine runs smoothly when I have PC2700 sticks in it, or when I put the PC3200 sticks in and lower the clock to 166Mhz.


Is it possible I was sold a 333 Barton instead of a 400? How do I find out? When I run it at 166, the machine recognizes it as a 2500+.

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