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Problem With Vendor


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I purchased 2 ValueSelect VS256SDS266 modules from a vendor listed through Corsair. They were purchased at different times, due to an error on my part. Upon installing the modules my laptop would not boot. (It is a Dell Inspiron 1100.) After several failed attempts to get the memory to work, I contacted Dell to see if they had suggestions. They said the modules were bad.


I then went to Corsair's site and used the RAM selector... only to see that the type of RAM I purchased was not the correct type for my system. (A friend had told me which ones to buy previously.) I contacted the vendor and explained the situation to them, already knowing I was beyond the 15 day return window. The vendor would not make any exceptions, even though I plan to purchase the correct module from them, and am more than happy to have the re-stocking fee deducted from the return.


Do I have any recourse for this with Corsair? I'm less than thrilled to be out the money spent on the 2 modules that are not compatible, and still have to purchase the correct one.


I appreciate any help or suggestions.

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  • Corsair Employees

As long as you are replacing the modules that came with your system our Value select should run with out problems. But you can call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and see if there is anything they can do!

But if nothing else lets get your modules replaced.

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