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COOL Pump not starting by itself


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So, I was able to mount this COOL water cooling kit after all, but here I am, two months later, with a pump which refuses to start by itself.

I have to shake it and then it will agree to start.


What's next ? Should I return it ?

If so, is there a procedure to unmount the whole system ?

How do I untight the plastic clamps ? Will corsair provide new tubings and coolant as well ?

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I wouldnt strip out the whole system if possible.

can you not plug the ends,(where you remove the pump) insulate the waterblock and fit your air cooling for the moment.


I know Laing the pump manufacturers are very good, but hopefully Corsair can supply a quick replacement?


It is possible to remove the clamps, although a little tricky


So it still seems that there are a lot of early unmodded pumps out there.


I spoke to LAING the manufactures and they sent me a new version of the pump, which now works loveley (they have increased the inrush current to the motor to its max, so wherever the magnet stops in relation to the coils, there is enough oomph! to start it up every time now.


Return it to Corsair, its a known fault.


Its interesting if Corsair should provide new tubing and coolant or not?

I guess its not your fault you were supplied with a faulty pump, and if you need bits to get up and running again, they should provide the bits you need?


Its your time thats lost at the end of the day.


I had the same hasstles of stripping down the system etc. I guess thats how it goes i suppose?


Its a shame you cant just get a new pump without returning the old pump.

This is obviously a matter of trust issue.


As it is a known fault maybe they will send you a new pump without you going through the hasstle of stripping the whole system.


They will however just replace the faulty pump, if you just send back the faulty pump.


Im sure you dont need to send back the whole kit?


Anyway your decision.



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