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1GB stick failed memtest


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hey wired,


sorry it took me so long to reply.


the mem label says xms3202v1.2, 0524096-10


I have a DFI Lanparty nf4 SLI-D, athlon64 4000+.

The dram voltage is a bit low tho..it's sitting at 2.6 right now. Is 2.8 the standadrd for these sticks? Thanks for replying.

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the part number is



i managed to find the pdf specs for this...the test voltage was at 2.75.

i set it to 2.8 and the two sticks went through 3 cycles of memtest w/o any errors, so i think it's ok now.


thanks for all your help everyone

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well..i looked at the dfi-street forum, and the recommendation for corsair mem was to set it at 2.8 volts. the weird thing is, the motherboard seems to give it a .09 volt oc, so now i'm sitting at 2.89.


i set it to 2.7 (meaning the actual voltage is 2.79), so i think i should be safe for now. just a slight, .04 voltage increase. i don't plan on ocing any components, so this should work out for me. thanks! :D:

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