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I'm building a new system with an Asrock 939 dual sata2 board and a 64 3000 venice cpu. I have 1- twinx512 3200llpt,1-cmx512-3200llpt, and 1-cmx512-3200c2pt.I bought the 3200c2pt by mistake.I want to run a dual memory setup,will the one stick of cmx512-3200LLpt work with the cmx512-3200c2pt in a dual setup? Should I return the 3200cpt and get another 3200LLpt?Should I get another twin512-3200LLpt and run four sticks? Also does anyone know how to get the ratio adjutments to change on this board.I have bios 1.20 from asrocks site.I can change things in the bios but when I run cpuz nothings different. Thanks!:sigh!:
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