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faulty ram issues

Joel Breiman

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my system crashed alot over the summer after purchasing system select ram from monarch pc. interestingly, everest home edition detected the system select ram as corsair value select -vs512mb400. while everest detected the ram's system presence----everytime I run the microsoft online crash analysis:windows memory diagnostic program from a bootable floopy-1 stick of the system select ram fails every test irrespective of which DIMM slot I place it in. my system will only boot if the SPD is kept on auto.


The microsoft memory diagnostic utility can be found at:





160 seagate 7200 RPM IDE

ati x800xl

enermax 480 noisetaker

nec dvd rw nd 3540A

gigabyte CD ROM/DVD/ROM GO-B5232A

silverstone berserker mini-server

creative audigy 2 ZS soundblaster pci card

logitech 2.1 z2300 speakers

2X512 corsair CMSS512MB-400

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