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Asus P5WD2 PREMIUM//Which ram?


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Hello Ram Guy.,

Im planning to buy

-Asus P5WD2 Premium Mother board

-BFG Tech Geforce 7800 GT OC

-Intel Pentium D830 Dual Core 3.0Ghz

-Enermax All in one Noisetaker 600W pwr sply

Which Ram module do you recommend?

I searched for an answer on Corsair Websites /Ray Guy Forum but still confusing..

According to one of your answer, You recommended

Twin2X1024A-5400UL (DDR2-675) for this (P5WD2 Premium Mobo)

But this Mobo supports DDR2 667/553. Would that Ram work with this Mobo

perfectly fine with no other problem?


Corsair Ram Guide Recommended Module for this Mobo is

-TWIN2X1024A-6400 / DDR2-800 (XM2S-6400) / 5-5-5-12

Corsair Ram Guide Best Overclocking Module for this Mobo is

-TWIN2X1024A-5400UL / DDR2-675 (XM2S-5400UL) / 3-3-2-8


I just wanna super stable computer with high performance, no crash.,no blue screen..nothing like that..Im not willing to overclock my system.

Can you please give me a quick detailed answer which ram module be a best one for my new system?


Thank you Ram Guy~!!

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  • Corsair Employees
The best performance would be with TWIN2X1024A-5400UL / DDR2-675 (XM2S-5400UL) / 3-3-2-8. And these modules use a IC that will also support more relaxed settings, so you can just set them manually to the same settings as XM2S-6400 if you like.
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  • 4 weeks later...

I have baught the P5WD2 premium with 1GB 8000ul ram (no processor yet). Are you saying I have made a mistake ?, I should have baught 5400ul for better performance ?.


I am hoping to increase to 4 sticks (2GB). Will I be able to run the 3.8(800) processor at 3.8(800) ??......or even the 3.73EE(1000) at these settings ?



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