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Bad CMX512-4400C25 sticks


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I have 2 sticks of CMX512-4400C25 here that are memtest stable, but unstable in Windows at any speed and any settings, it would simply reboot; I tried a set of PQI TCCDs and they work just fine, but these 2 sticks of XMS would not even stay alive for more than a minute in windows even at stock speed.


the part numbers are


CMX512-4400C25 XMS4404v1.1 0510087-9

XMS4400 512MB 550MHz 2.5-4-4-8


(the same part number/info for both sticks)


my system is:


Venice 3200+

WD Raptor 74gb

Fortron Bluestorm 500W

eVGA 6800GT

and such


thanks RAM GUY!

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