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Dead module out of 2 in a TWINXP1024-3200XL kit


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Hi, Back in may I bough a TWINXP1024-3200XL XMS Expert 1024 MB DDR400 memory kit from a local computer store. now out of the 2 dual channel module 1 is dead, it's no more detected and no leds except the 2 Corsair blue boat light up. The other module work perfectly and get no errors in memory test x86. I tryed the defective module alone, to swap memory banks to no config available. I also tryed the defectve module in a covorker's computer and it's really dead and never detected by the BIOS. By the way I have revision 1.1 modules.


My problem is that my computer store is now out of business so they can't do the rma for me free of charge....


Can anyone help me RMA the kit so I can get a replacement module or kit ? Do I need to send the whole dual channel kit or only the defective module ? Any rma adress for Canadian ?


Lets me know, I have a LAN party november 12 and I want to receive the replacement before !


Regards, Kane

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